The Netherlands Turkey Law Foundation provides information and advice on Dutch and Turkish law to companies, individuals, public institutions and organisations and judicial authorities.

Our Services
Our services consist of reporting and independent consultancy, offering objective information and documents that can be directly utilized under Dutch law.

The detailed report covers the relevance of Dutch and Turkish law to your legal problem, and also includes a section with a logical conclusion based on the applicable legal framework.

If it is not necessary to prepare a detailed report, we prepare a recommendation letter on the legal question posed to us in accordance with the relevant legal rules and scientific publications.

Our Mission
The constant changes in laws and precedents and the development of relations between the Netherlands and Turkey necessitate specialization in both legal systems and private law areas for solving legal issues. Thanks to our experienced team and extensive network operating in the legal field in both countries, we provide fast and effective solutions in the application of Dutch law.

Under the heading “Events”:
We expand our knowledge in areas such as corporate law, commercial law, tax law, financial law, contract law, liability law, mediation, personal and family law, and inheritance law in both legal systems, especially through courses, seminars, and conferences.

We inform and advise individuals, businesses, government, and judicial authorities in the following legal areas:

Corporate law

Commercial law

Tax law and financial law

Contract law

Liability law


Personal and family law

Inheritance law

The NTJI consultancy fee for commercial law matters is 240 euros per hour (excluding VAT).

For private law matters, such as family and personal law, the NTJI consultancy fee is 165 Euro per hour (excluding VAT).

If the involvement of an expert operating in Turkey is required, this matter is negotiated openly, and the related expenses are additionally requested.

The NTJI consultancy hourly rate for publicly funded cases is 44 Euro (excluding VAT). In such cases, the first 6 hours of counselling are invoiced to the applicant. The Ministry of Justice covers the consultancy fee for the other hours spent. The above-mentioned provisions also apply to expenses incurred for the involvement of an expert in Turkey.

How to apply?
You can fill in the information form and send us the description and details of the legal problem via the application form. We will contact you as soon as possible regarding the solution of the problem. In this context, information about how the process will proceed will be provided, and the process will proceed according to your requests.

At this point, it is important that we learn complete and accurate information about your legal problem in order to give an accurate opinion. In addition, if your opinion request is related to an ongoing lawsuit, it is also very important that you share with us all the information and documents related to the case in question. You can contact us via e-mail address

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    Privacy obligation
    Our employees have a confidentiality obligation, and all information shared with us is processed within the scope of this confidentiality obligation.

    You can share documents in Dutch, Turkish, and English with us, as well as translations of documents in other languages into Dutch, Turkish, and English. Additionally, we would like to mention that it is possible for us to have translations of documents in other languages made upon your request.

    We aim to expand the knowledge of both legal systems and private judicial areas through courses, seminars, and conferences.

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